STATHAIR Hair Follicle Test

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This first of it’s kind in-house rapid hair follicle test provides fast, accurate, drug screening results in minutes. Able to effectively identify drug use up to 90 days since use. Accuracy rate of 96-100%. Tests for up to 16 drugs.

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The STATHAIR instant testing system is the first of its kind to be brought to market and delivers fast and reliable results… all in-house.  You can implement this system with confidence knowing it has been tested for quality and accuracy by an independent laboratory and piloted in Criminal Justice settings with live donors to develop the test process. You will be provided with all the supplies you will need and access to a turn-key laboratory confirmation process. This test device is an Immunoassay screening test. Any positive results are considered preliminary should be confirmed by laboratory LC/MS/MS Instantly test for drug use with an accuracy rate of 96-100% with this first of it's kind in-house rapid drug test.
  • Get fast, accurate, drug screening results in minutes.
  • Effective identify drug use up to 90 days since use.
  • Drug testing system can test up to 16 drugs of abuse.
  • Hair sample can be collected in an office environment.
  • No need for private restroom.
  • Eliminates risk of donor adulterating or altering the sample.

Email: [email protected]
Phone: 832.321.3214
Toll-free: 855.466.7390

Mailing address:
44 Cook St., Suite 100
Denver, CO 80206

Employment Screening Notice

All types of diagnostic tests, background checks, and integrity surveys should be conducted in accordance with state and federal laws. All presumptive positive instant drug tests should be confirmed by a GC/MS laboratory test. Any adverse action taken regarding background checks should comply with the FCRA. 

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